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re: I do hope this is a REPLY to the Stoneheight discussion...

So! Where was I... oh yes, strategy.

Going into Stoneheight is not a scary thing. You walk in and see some mobs as if they were hanging out in a burnt out cottage, and you habitually slaughter them. YAY!
A group of wolves however, introduce you to something a little bit above the norm, it's the bleeds of Stoneheight that you're goign to have to get used to.

* Have your virtues traited for wound, and make sure you have the lvl 75 wound pots. Furthermore, wound salves (as well as draughts) can be useful if you're feeling extra helpful, and don't mind spending the silver and the quickslot.

Approaching the 1st boss fight, you will find 2 adds as well as the boss. All three have an induction that puts a bleed on on a member of your party, and this one is particularly nasty; as such, it should be interrupted as often as possible. Furthermore, each of these guys hit pretty decently, and you should be careful of what you try to tank. Generally speaking, a good strategy is simply to have the 2nd add and the boss kited, while the 1st add is taken down by your damage dealer(s). Dropping the 2nd add can be a bit more tricky, since the tank has already been working up aggro, but stuns work well enough on the two little guys, and you can sit him in place and beat him down if you have to get his attention. Once your on the boss it's a simple tank and spank with easy access to interrupts.
Enjoy the loot.

As you're working towards the 2nd boss in the instance, a peculiar sight presents itself. A bunch of wolves have fallen to sleep in front of you.
Engaging the 3 wolves you see will actually introduce you to an alley way full of wolves, and you can find yourself caught completely off guard. If you are in easy mode, there are only about 5 wolves, and each have about 10k life. This isn't incredibly hard, but you should be ready for what you're getting into. On hardmode this can be MUCH more difficult however, as you find they have a few thousand more morale, and now there are about 9 or 10 of them. Have your tank engage these targets off the bat, and then once the passive aggro has been gained, let the DPS step in and begin picking them off one at a time.
Alternative: - If you're comfortable with the idea of "dieing to learn something", it is possible that you may be able to walk through the entire mess of them without a single scratch.... aside from a goblin that is half way up the steps, but other than that you can walk all the way to the next set of trash mobs. Additionally, if you have a burglar in your party, and they don't mind a little rule bending, ask them to share the fun with you, and walk you through the entire mess of wolves, then have them go back for your partner
WARNING!!!! - Trying this method can be dangerous for your health, and if you are not familiar with share the fun, ask for guidance. Furthermore, the 2nd platform is the lowest part of a path for a stealthed goblin. It is very easy for him to see you before you see him, but it is easy enough to get the upper hand. Wait at the top of the first steps you climb, and once you get a stealth detection notice or you see the little bugger, follow him all the way up. Once there, take him down. - Problem solved. Becareful, there is a 2nd goblin also patrolling the upper landing.

Approaching the 2nd boss fight, you need to understand just how stupid this guy is. He's an urukai that was given a very long blade, and told he could take on the world. Literally, he has just one primary attack, and that is simply to say "I'd like to show you my little trick", at which point everyone needs to back WAY up. It isn't a one shot, but it hits for around 2k, and he does the attack a random number of times. Other than that, be aware that taking him behind the tree (near the door) seems to leave the programmed perimeters of the fight, and it can reset him if he stays there, or he goes too far up against that wall.
WARNING!!! - This boss is not able to be Conjunctioned, not even with marbles.
Enjoy the loot.

Approaching the 3rd boss fight, you will notice that the Urukai (hence forth named "Bubba" has asked for, and been accepted as "Dale"'s teammate in an attempt to kill you. On this fight there seems to be two valid strategies.
1.) Guardian, Ranged interrupt (non-RK) Burglar, and Minstrel.
Guardians and Wardens both have interrupts, but the interrupts for wardens are actually gambits, so be careful with designating them as an interrupter, as it takes them longer. The trick is, you can get away with tanking both mobs at once, but your DPS person NEEDS to have a ranged interrupt skill that WON'T remove corruptions. As I've learned, the interrupt skill for RK's removes corruptions so becareful. If you don't have ranged interruptions, you can still get away with it, but you're going to be facing wounds on you every 30 seconds or so, as Dale will inevitably run away from the fight and cast inductions on his target, and anyone around that target. This is not easy in the slightest, and you might be better off with the 2nd strategy.
Yet, if you CAN manage to get that ranged interruption, here's the deallio. Let the tank get the aggro for both mobs, and then assign him/her to interrupt Bubba, Bubba should be the main DPS target, and you burn him down asap. Have the DPS then be on the ready to tab over to Dale and interrupt him as soon as you see him walk away, or enter his induction.
2.) Captain(healer), Champion, and LM
First of all, if you ever have a LM, it's always a good idea to have them put stun immunity on the group as your going in. Without fail, Dale will try and stun one of you so that he can deal an initial 3k burst, and keeping yourselves from being stuned for a while seems to delay that effect, although, it doesn't negate it. Once you go in, the Captain should immediately gain Bubba's aggro, and start to kite him around the room in a wide circle. The Heavy Armor character should be the shield-brother, and be receiving an un-interrupted stream of Words of Courage. This strategy then leaves the Heavy Armor and DPS to burn down Dale, and the cappy to kite Bubba around the room until the Dale is finished off. This is ONLY possible because Bubba does NOT have a run buff, and Dale (the brigand) DOES. These are part of the corruptions that you can't remove, and so you have to accomidate them. Using this strategy, it's still important to have your wound pots ready, as Bubba is more or less free to cast his inductions as he sees fit. Fortunatly he liked to run more than he likes to cast spells, so it's not as bad as if he were in direct combat.

WARNING!!! - This boss is not able to be Conjunctioned, not even with marbles.

I would REQUEST that you make suggestions on this instance, and compliment or criticize my suggestions with many of your own. In doing this, remember that your success is never in no small part due to the work of your teammates, and thereby their classes. As you add replies, post the group that you worked with on each success, and we can then compare our circumstances to your own.
Thanks for reading, and enjoy the fight Happy)

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re: Stoneheights - Discussion

This is just a header. I'm writting one for each.
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