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re: If you're just joining us - PLEASE READ! - Instructional

The Application process on guildlaunch apparently has it's own level of infamy :P
However, from what I can tell it's really not that bad. Here is the 4 point bulletin!
1.) Create a guildlaunch account.
I'm a skeptic when it comes to giving my email address out to anyone, and I like to read a lot of fine print. So let me tell you from personal experience this guildlaunch is not very intrusive, and I have no complaints about them to-date. Applying should be easy. Furthermore, if you already have a guildlaunch account, you can sign in with that right off the bat.

2.) Apply to join the "guild". Once that application is submited, Techu or another officer will recieve a mail about notification of your interest. Feel free to contact us in game for expedite the process. At that point, we can give you recruit or member rights which will grant you use of certain parts of our website. Keep in mind that this application has nothing to do with your in-game affiliation, and the rights that we give you are only for navigating and accessing the webpage. You will later be assigned a "Rank" of Ally or Kinsman or something to the effect.

3.) Create a character. To create a character, login to the website and then click on your name next to the mailbox symbol up in the top right corner. This will take you to your personal profile page where you then see a "Characters" tab. Click on that, and then click on the option to add character. Once again, if you are already a guildlaunch user, and a LOTRO guildlaunch user at that, your characters will of course still be in the system, and you can skip to the next step.

4.) Make yourself available! Once you're satisfied that you've entered all raid-ready characters at your disposal into the guildlaunch website, you can then begin to pick and choose which scheduled raid events you'd like to attend. Click on the event in the calender, and then click on "Sign Up" at the very bottom. On the next screen, under [Sign Up] will be 'Available, Tentative, or Unavailable". For most purposes you won't ever have to make a point that your characters are tentative or unavailable for the fight, but they wanted to give us the option. Past that will be a simple scroll bar, from which you should be able to quickly select the toons you're ready to fight with on that particular day. Select them all, and that way I (Kindle) or whoever else has created the raid will be able to customize the raid for optimal performance and good times

This raid mechanic represents a lot of potential for some amazing organization and effective raiding. That is why it's important I remind everyone that T.O.M.E. uses the Flag System, and for your benefit I'm going to have Techu write up a new post on the forums about how the system works. Trust me when I say you won't be dissapointed in its effectiveness, but at the same time you need to understand it requires 9 of 12 raid members to be Templars before the raid rules apply. This protects helpful & friendly random puggers from being overly discriminated, but awards existing Templars and Allies for their work and contribution. Flags are of course rewarded based on the player and not the toon, so if we have to swap around there won't be any issues.

More information is available upon request regarding the flag system, but at the moment I am primarily interested in putting to good us, all of the tallent and experience of many of our members and close friends.

I'll see you in-game, and we appreciate you
~ Kindle, officer of Templars of Middle Earth

- This is indeed a duplicate of the post made in the members section, but I'm honestly too tired to go back and delete the other post :P I'm not sure which forum threads are publically viewable, but I know this one is so I'm putting this here. I hope it helps all of you!
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